Criccieth Holiday 2016

Our Photographs
d-Criccieth east DSCF1850 DSCF1857 DSCF1871
DSCF1877 DSCF1885 DSCN2899 DSCN2901
DSCN2911 DSCN2914 DSCN2915 DSCN2926
DSCN2932 DSCN2935 DSCN2938 DSCN2945
DSCN2949 DSCN2966  Snowdon g-Castle2 h-Criccieth west
Image1  Criccieth Castle Friday Walk Image2  Friday Walk Image3  Saturday Short Walk Llangelan Image4  Saturday Medium Walk Train At Portmadoc Station
Image5  Karen And Alison Discussing The Train Image6  Steam Engine Close Up Image7  Saturday Medium Walk On The Cliffs Image8  Saturday Medium Walk The Tides Out
Image9  Saturday Medium Walk By The Railway Image10  Sunday Long Walk On The Beach Image11  Martin And Lindsay on THe Lyn Heritage Coast Trail Image12  Sunday Medium Walk Group Shot
P1040215 c-Castle1-b d-Castle2-b e-Criccieth cott-b
e-Criccieth West-b f-Friday-b g-Saturday g-Saturday-b
h-Strollers-b i-Llanengan Bay-b j-Llanengan Sands-b k-Llanegan-b